Cheap toning flip flops - good for your legs and better for your wallet!

Cheap toning flip flops are easy to find online. Once the popularity of FitFlops became evident, a lot of other manufacturers produced their own versions of toning footwear and these can be found if you log on to sites such as supaprice.co.uk.

This site currently has an extensive range of Skechers, Crocs and shape up footwear on offer. As Supaprice is a price comparison website, it displays a comprehensive list of all footwear available that matches your criteria along with details such as price, stockist, postage charges and various links. This site not only displays what is on offer from stores such as Wynsors World of Shoes but they also show results from Amazon and eBay which means that you will get a vast difference in prices and there will surely be one to suit your pocket.

You could decide to purchase a pair of Crocs tone Skylar flat toning shoes from an eBay stockist for £37.99 with a postage charge of £1.99 or you could opt for a trip to grabbanicepairltd where a pair of ladies white keep fit toning sandals will set you back a recession friendly £7.50 with a £2.99 charge for postage.  The postage charges do vary wildly on this site so make sure you read the small print before you commit to buy.

Crocs themselves have many of their models on sale through this site and for the price of £19.95 plus an additional £4.95 for postage, you could be striding out in their instantly recognisable shoes in a variety of colours.

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