We look for the best places to buy cheap purses in the UK

Finding a new purse can be a tricky process, after all you'll need to ensure that it matches at least some of your outfits before you can justify the outlay. But what if we told you that you could make huge savings when it comes to purses, without sacrificing the aesthetic quality of your purchase? Read on for more in our guide to finding cheap purses in the UK...

Boros, located at www.boros.co.uk, have a huge range of purses to suit all budgets, but since we're focussing on low cost we'll disregard some of the pricier selections available at the site. With beautiful stitched coin purses starting at just £6.99 each, Boros does a great job of catering for all kinds of budgets, and offers regular leather purses for as little as £12.99 each, increasing up as far as £29.99 before getting into the slightly more expensive range.

£19.99 gets you the gorgeous East West Leather Matiness Purse, while for just £29.99 you can have the stunning Golunski ladies wallet purse, or the Guess Amethyst Medium Zip Purse (reduced from £42.00), while Boros' own range of purses are available for the same price, in a wide range of colours and styles.

If you're looking for an alternative to Boros, we recommend checking out the excellent Amira Collections, located online at www.amiracollections.co.uk, who offer some of the most stylish budget price ladies purses we have seen to date. With in house designed products including the Amira Ladies Small Black Purse (£22.50) and the QC Bear Crocodile Effect Red Leather Purse (£32.50) they can compete with almost any other site in terms of both quality and price, so be sure to take a look on their site today.

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