We look for the best place to find cheap Crocs in Ireland

With the popularity of functional, comfortably footwear increasing all the time, Crocs have quickly become one of the best selling brands of footwear in Ireland in the past few years. Despite the fact that many people are initially put off by their slightly gaudy appearance, the fact that they sell so many units throughout the year, especially among professionals who spend most of their time on their feet, points at just how comfortable these shoes actually are.

If you're looking to find cheap Crocs in Ireland, then you might be surprised to find that one of the best options is available directly from the official Crocs website, located at www.crocs.eu. Just point your browser at the address and select Eire from the list of available countries, before selecting outlet from the menu bar at the top and then deciding whether you'd like to browse Women, Men, Girls, Boys or Jibbitz for the best prices on the site, discounted as much as seventy per cent in some cases.

In the men's range, prices start as low as just €24.47 for the Prepair Slide range, available in two colours (red and black, and white and grey), and go as high as €59.95 for the Crockband Sneaker, an attractive running shoe style available in three stylish colour combinations.

Women's Crocs start at just €8.99 for the Capri shoe, and €9.98 for the Prima (available in five solid colours), and increase to €52.47 for the stunning black Celeste Suede shoe, while the kids ranges start at €9.98 for the Kids Classic range, available in a variety of bright colours, and go as high as €39.95 for the Crocband Hi Line shoe.

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