Cheap bikins - bikini heaven for those who want it!

Cheap bikins have never been easier to find! As the summer seems to have ended prematurely yet again the high street chains are having their mid season sales and clearing out many of their summer and swimwear lines.

River Island especially has huge discounts on some of their bikinis which means a saving of up to 50% for their customers. Currently a fuschia pink ruffle bikini will set you back only 15.99.

TK Maxx is always a good starting point if you're looking for cheap swimwear as not only do they stock designer bikinis at a fraction of their usual price but there is also a "clearance" section which sees additional reductions so you can walk away with a bikini for as little as 6 pounds!

Primark stock cheap bikinis all year round but at this time of year they have their best selection and it comes with accessories such as matching wraps, cover ups and skirts. Primark manage to combine fashion and quality while remaining in the recession friendly price category. A two piece nautical style bikini will cost you only 7 pounds while you can buy separates for as little as 3 pounds each. This means that you can afford to buy more than you originally planned!

If you know what you're looking for then there are bargains to be found when you log on to eBay. Many sellers specialise in bikinis and you can buy bikinis from designers such as Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy for a lot less than you would pay in the stores.

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