Channel the Mad Men aesthetic

Let's all be honest for a second; a huge part of Mad Men's phenomenal success is due to the beautiful early 1960's outfits. Once you've seen Don stride across the office in a perfectly cut Italian suit, or Betty smouldering through the marital discord in impeccable Pucci, River Island suddenly seems a little less appealing. But now we can all buy into the Mad Men look, as the show's costume designer, Janie Bryant has teamed up with Banana Republic to create a capsule collection.

Bryant told The Daily Mail, 'A lot of the pieces I brought to the design team were pieces from the show, some I designed, some vintage. A dress my grandmother made is an inspiration for a beautiful, beautiful dress. Working with Janie to gain a true understanding of the Mad Men look and feel was a delight. Janie was instrumental in helping us achieve the series aesthetic and standard of authenticity with this capsule collection.'

Charge your martinis people, this is a serious fashion moment...

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