Changing of season skin care and tips

Seasons make interesting variations affecting everything we do and feel from the way we dress and move to changes in mood and behaviour. With the changing of each season, the skin also responds accordingly. Each particular time of the year has an impact on the reaction of skin while indoors and outdoors which is why it is important to take the appropriate steps to keep it healthy as transitions occur.

Spring and summer skin care

From the moment you felt the first ray of warm sunshine on your skin, you knew that warmer months are coming. With each changing season, various skin care and protection routines are used. Spring and summer require a different regimen different from colder and icier months. You know that you’ll be outdoors more often and when indoors, you don’t have the drying heat of blowers to tire you and your skin.

Moisturising is still a key factor even when temperatures are rising for you need to replenish the lost moisture from perspiration. Make sure that creams and skin care products are less heavy on the skin and switch to gels to moisturise the face and body.

Sun protection creams and sprays should be used all the time to shield the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, prevent burns, and premature ageing. Exfoliation (removing dead skin cells) should be done at least once a week to renew the epidermis and encourage the appearance of new skin cells.

Autumn and winter skin care

As we leave the heat and humidity of the previous months, it’s time to prepare the skin and protect it from the harsh cold. Hydrating the skin is very important during these periods as the skin becomes flaky and dry from the cold outdoors and drying heating indoors. Locking in skin moisture has never been this important, so it is vital to use heavier creams that will nourish and moisturise facial and body skin.

Using sunblock should also be done for even if you don’t see the sun, its damaging rays are still there everyday. In addition, if you are living or going to mountain areas for holidays, nowhere is the sun the strongest at high altitudes. Hence, make it a habit to put creams with SPF everyday.

Cleansing the skin is always vital

To make changing of season easy on the skin, make it a habit to follow a schedule, to avoid neglecting it even with a busy work or home schedule. Cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturising are three important steps that you have to build in your routines. If you do this, you’ll have that healthy and radiant complexion no matter what the season is.

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