Chanel Noirs Obscurs

'Noirs Obscure', the stunning new Autumn/Winter make-up collection from Chanel has finally arrived. Modelled by the sultry Malgosia Bela, the wintry, goth inspired make-up is top top top of our Christmas shopping list.

Check out pictures of the lovely stuff here.

Rich, sensual colours are the epitome of luxury winter-chic, with enigmatic names to match. Lipsticks include; 'Obscure Dar' (chocolate coffee, brown – black), Maniac Blood (infused black) and Hysteria Lush purple (black velvet), while nail varnishes include; Diabolic Black red (pomegranate) 'Forbidden' (thick shiny dark black coffee) and 'Vendetta Dark' (purple gloss with sheen.)

Of course the collection also includes mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss and eyeshadow. Needless to say (like us) - you'll need every single bit....

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