Top celebrity nail art designs

A celebrity wearing fabulous nail art is synonymous to making a fashion statement. While 2012 was filled with red carpet dressing styles, it was foremost, a surprising year of astounding nail art designs paraded by singers, models, and movie actresses. We show you a few of nail art designs on celebrities who rocked the fashion and beauty scenes.

Impressive designs

  • Lady Gaga

Surely, Lady Gaga’s strange if not bordering weird sense of fashion is well-known in the music and celebrity world. From bizarre costumes to out of the ordinary hairdos, Lady Gaga has exhibited an odd style in every way from head to toe. When it comes to her claws, she has worn the most bedecked nails of all time when they were covered with bees, pearls, chains, and gold roses.

  • Katy Perry

The singer started a nail fashion cult when she always makes an appearance wearing different types of manicure from bold colours to theme designs. Her nail art motif included Barack Obama tips, gothic designs and Hollywood movie stars. Katy is a manicure lover and with nail artist Kimmie Kyees to back her up, this is not a difficult feat. We always watch what Katy Perry is showing for her next concert or public appearance.

  • Alexis Krauss

American Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells, a noise pop, indie rock group did not only love participating in Sephora’s nail art campaign for the holiday season. She also loves intricate nail art done by an artist in the name of Rita Lopez. Each of her nails is painted in different colours with studs and ornate designs.

  • Amber Rose

If you thought Lady G was already strange, wait till you catch a glimpse of Amber Rose’s 3D nail art. From cool stiletto to food nails, Amber’s style is one of the biggest news of the year in the nail art world.

  • Ke$ha

Lastly, we name the singer as one of the top celebrity nail art trend setters. You must have seen her wearing skulls, lightning bolts, 3D flowers and even censored words on her nails.


From the cutest to the most avant-garde celebrity nail art designs, manicures make a fashion statement and even start beauty trends. They also inspire fashion followers to tap their own creativity when it comes to designing and wearing their nails. We expect more of these creative geniuses to duplicate if not surpass 2012's nail art success this year.

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