Cavewoman fancy dress plus size - unleash your inner Jane!

Cavewoman fancy dress plus size is one of the more popular choices when it comes to fancy dress. Many hobby shops now stock rolls of fake fur and it would cost you almost as much to actually make a costume as it would to hire one out.

A basic cavegirl costume is quite simply fake fur sewn up to make a tunic, possibly tied at one shoulder, belted at the waist and with a jagged hemline. Four yards of fake tiger print fur would set you back around 30 euro depending on the stockist.

This would be enough for the tunic and some leg covers which you could either wear over boots, like podium dancers, or tie around your legs with twine for added authenticity.

Accessories would be items like tusks or anything featuring teeth and bone charms or replicas. Hair would be quite messy so think backcombed and bouffant! A hairband slung low on the forehead will complete the look.

If you want a ready made costume then look online at the costume shop where you can have an outfit for £22.99. This outfit consists of a velour zebra print dress, headband and a rope belt. This particular outfit goes up to a size 16 - 18.

Another option is looking on eBay where there are speciality stockists for adult fancy dress and accessories. A lot of these costumes just consist of the basic tunic and while the initial price might seem reasonable, the postage charges and cost of additional items might make this an expensive option.

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