Cara Delevingne: hairstyles to look out for

Fashion It girl and supermodel Cara Delevingne famously represents the effortlessly cool trend in terms of both clothing and hairstyles. Her signature free-flowing locks have stayed the same in the past years during which Cara has been riding the wave of success and celebrity with her eccentric quirky edge.

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However, the young British style icon has surprised fans and press alike by showing off a totally new hairdo which is miles away from her usual self: a braid decorated bun that she wore at three different event in May 2014.

Because of Delevingne split from girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez, the bun/braid wa quickly been dubbed Cara's breakup hairstyle. On the other hand, with the festival season approaching, it has won many hearts as the perfect festival hairdo.

The lovely bun, indeed, stayed in place and perfect shape even after Delevingne changed outfits for the different events, which were, in order of appearance: a premiere at the Sky Arts Playhouse with her sister Chloe, the launch of Kate Moss x Topshop and a night out clubbing with her friend Sienna Miller.

One thing is for sure: Cara looked very, very different with the new hairstyle. Just think of the 2014 Met Gala last April, where the supermodel stunned everybody also thanks a gorgeous side-swept hairstyle, decorated with an elegant necklace. So cool and so feminine, the style suited her and enhanced her cat like feature.

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Also for the 2013 punk-themed Met Ball last year Cara worn a braid on the side and half of her hair down, again a very feminine, definitely gorgeous style kinked up by the braiding. Maybe instead of doing anything radical such as cutting her locks rite back or shaving a side, Cara keeps calm, swipes it back, puts a braid in and carries on being awesome as usual.

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