Can You Take the Adidas Challenge?

We like an excuse to buy new clothes here at FashionJunkie, and we particularly like it when those clothes suggest that, at some point in the not too distant future, we might do some exercise. Now adidas has designed a running collection in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, we can combine all the aforementioned things with raising money for charity, which we REALLY like.

According to Vogue online the collection, named the Pink Ribbon Running Collection, features trainers, T-shirts, shorts and running tights. The items are available in white, black or pink and all feature the breast cancer ribbon.

The adidas Women’s 5K Challenge is a fun run for women of all ages taking place in Hyde Park, London on 5 September. The sportswear brand is donating 10 per cent of proceeds to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and you can sign up for the run at www.womenschallenge.co.uk. Get training!

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