Can you Belieb it?!

OK, we’re pretty used to celebrity fashion lines by now. It seems you are no one these days without a pop career, a couple of major movie projects and at least a line of t shirts connected to your name (however loose that connection may be). But we really didn’t see this one coming – a new range of nail polishes ‘inspired’ by Justin Bieber?! The product is the brainchild of Nicole by OPI nail polish and will launch in the states in December.

According to Glamour magazine the collection is called One Less Lonely Girl and includes six shades, all carrying swoon-inducing names such as One Less Lonely Glitter, Give Me The First Dance, Step 2 the Beat of my Heart and – our favourite – Me + Blue.

We’re guessing that Justin is not planning to wear the range himself but is simply looking out for the beauty needs of his many female fans. What a sweetheart.

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