Cameron Diaz and American Apparel spark body hair debate

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Apparently 2014 will be the year women stop feeling ashamed about the hair growing in their private parts.

For those women tired of waxing, shaving, plucking and the invasiveness and discomfort of a full blast Hollywood, the time is come to take their bodies back, hair included, and do it with style.

American actress Cameron Diaz apparently dedicated a whole chapter on pubic hair in her new health and fitness book, The Body Book.

Speaking frankly and directly, as only she can do, the unusual diva described how all bodily hair has functions that we should not give up on so easily.

In the book and during to promotional campaign accompanying its launch, Diaz actually invites women to think twice about removing intimate body hair by laser or other permanent methods: ‘Consider maybe not removing it permanently and forever with laser treatment” she told Metro, “Forever is forever and when we make those choices for our body we have to live with them forever.’

Meantime, in New York city the latest American Apparel publicity stunt consists in a shop window full of mannequins in underwear with visibly bulgy pubic hair.

While the American brand is not at all new at controversial posters and campaigns, this latest stunt comes across as quite refreshing after years of almost pornographic images openly exploiting the female body as the ultimate iconic pop object of desire.

Now, with their hairy mannequins, according to a spokeswoman they're trying to raise the issue of what kinds of femininity are considered to be beautiful and sexy, and challenge these stereotypes. Mostly make people talk about it for publicity though.

However, probably the main reason why people will lose interest in the fashion of full body hair removal is that, according to a recent survey, half of women already can't be bothered and, for what concerns man, in the end of the day they will accept their loved ones for who they are, hair included.

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