Cactus Oil Benefits for the Hair

Oil extract from all kinds of plants can help keep your hair healthy, but cactus oil is particularly beneficial for the hair. Specifically, cactus oil is said to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, smooth broken hair, heal split ends and promote shiny hair. Many people usually use cactus oil to prevent or heal hair loss.

How does it work?

Cactus oil is high in fatty acids, which are excellent in preventing and reducing hair loss. The added vitamins and minerals in cactus oil also help it promote healthier, shiny hair and protect bonds.

Essential vitamins and minerals from cactus oil help keep individual hair fociles healthy and nutrious. The plant itself uses these vitamins and minerals to sustain themselves, so extracts of certain types of plant oil offer higher doses of essential nutrients. Particularly, cactus oil contains a high concentration of vitamin B5, which helps the plant store water for longer periods of time; in turn, this vitamin can help hair retain moisture and retain valuable resources.

Cactus oil also includes omega fatty acids, a compound vital for growth and development. This is why cactus oil is often used to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth; the high concentration of omega fatty oils can help promote hair fociles to grow and ensure hair fociles continously go through cycle processes necessary for hair growth.

Cactus oil, because it comes from a plant that thrives in harsh conditions, is probably most beneficial to the hair because of its moisturizing qualities. It coats the hair with the same layers of protections a cactus plants has to trap and retain moisture, making it a perfect solution for dry, damaged hair.

Where can I buy cactus oil?

The growing popularity of cactus oil means it's readily available in most beauty stores, retailers and even online stores. However, you can also buy cactus oil in bulk from specialist online stores, such as Amazon.com. For conditions where medical treatment is sought, cactus oil may be provided on perscription by your doctor.

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