How to Find Butler and Wilson Hair Accessories

The latest hair styles look even better when they are adorned with pretty bows, jewels, and clips. While ther are many companies that produce quality hair accessories, ther is one that really stands out above the crowd. Butler and Wilson hair accessories make any hair style look even more beautiful.

Crystal Curved Hair Clip

Use Butler and Wilson’s Crystal Curved Hair Clip to accent your hair when it is in a half-pony. This clip is curved in a slight “S” shape and features miniature crystals in lavender, violet, lime green, and baby blue.

Heart Shape Plastic Bulldog Clip with Glitter Flowers

The Heart Shape Bulldog Clip form Butler and Wilson is perfect for holding thick, heavy hair. The black clip has petite purple and white five-petal flowers that shimmer with glitter.

Crystal Flower with Crystal Surround Mini Concorde Hairclip

The Mini Concorde Hairclip from Butler and Wilson is great for sweeping hair up to the side and away from the face. It also works well for holding back bangs as you grow them out. This clip is black with tons of mini gems in a brilliant shade of red. The clip is topped with a vibrant purple flower made of large gems.

Pair of Crystal 5 Petal Single Flower Hair Slides

The Hair Slides from Butler and Wilson are just the right touch when you want a little bit of bling. These slides come in gold adorned with a burgundy flower or silver topped with a black and purple flower. The flowers are decorated with small crystals.

Whether you are going to a club, or heading in to work, first dress like a goddess and then use Butler and Wilson hair accessories to complete your look.

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