Burlesque fancy dress plus size - time to do the Can Can!

Burlesque fancy dress plus size can be as basic or as extravagant as you desire. When it comes to fancy dress, the sky is the limit and everything goes! The burlesque theme can range from a saucy wench type outfit to a full on Vegas showgirl affair.

Leg Avenue and Foreplay offer pre packed costumes of a basic dress and hold up stockings but the accessories are left up to you. These outfits generally start at around £20 and that doesn't include postage.

eBay offers a wide network of "shops" that specialise in adult fancy dress and that might be a good place to start looking for inspiration. Some of these shops have only a set price option, called "buy it now" and then the postage gets added on at the "checkout" but some outfits are put up for "auction" and then the person with the highest bid wins!

If you're considering making your own costume, itemising what you need cuts down on possible impulse buying. A burlesque outfit basically consists of a corset, ( black, red or purple being the most popular colours used) either a tutu or short skirt with a bustle attached and seamed tights or hold ups. You can customise it still further by adding a feather boa or pillbox hat.

Make up should be quite heavy and vampy with emphasis on smoky eyes and blood red lips. If you're going to leave your hair loose, simply sweep it up on one side and catch in a clip.

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