Burgundy Hair Accessories for Autumn Fashion

What better time for burgundy-coloured hair accessories than autumn? Designers of fall fashions offer wide selections of clothing and accessories in hues of greens and purples. Burgundy contrasts beautifully with autumn shades of green from apple green to dark olive green. Burgundy also provides a nice alternative to purples as a rich, warmer colour with red tones that is a welcome departure from bluer shades of purple. Burgundy certainly has its place among fall’s fashion colours.

Burgundy hair decorations, including hair scarves, headbands, clips and tiaras can help wearers accessorize using the colour schemes of fall fashion. Burgundy hair scarves make the most of the colour and the season, although they are generally lightweight and decorative, unlike the cold weather scarves worn as outwear for warmth.

In addition to complementing a range of favourite fall fashion colours, the right burgundy accessory can flatter any hair colour. Burgundy hair decorations contrast with blond hair, bring out red tones in brunette hair and create especially romantic, exotic looks for brunettes without red tones in their hair.

Burgundy hair accessories can make fall outfits complete. Wearers who purchase burgundy hair accessories from fall collections will also find that these accessories continue to have uses in other seasons. For example, many burgundy hair accessories work well with spring's hottest shades of pink, so wearers can slip on a delicate pink top and tie on a burgundy scarf for a stylish look. Wearers can flaunt the latest burgundy hair accessories this fall, and then continue to show them off year-round.

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