Burberry Body

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may have proved to the world that she's no great shakes in the acting department, but she does have a lovely face and body to her credit. So, as all great feminists should, she's putting that body to good use, and is starring in the adverts for the new fragrance 'Burberry Body', wearing a satin mac and not much else.

Rosie 'the body' Huntington-Whiteley told Vogue , 'It's a huge honour to be working with Burberry again," said Rosie speaking about her new role. It's a brand that put my career on the map and helped launch me. To be asked to be the first Burberry Body is an amazing compliment.'

While the head of Burberry burbled, 'Burberry Body is the most exciting launch that we have ever created and captures the iconic spirit of the brand today in a striking and sensual way. Rosie's effortless style and her staggering beauty made her the natural choice as the first Burberry Body.'

Yep folks, it's some perfume. Go buy.

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