Bulgari girl

Former indie it-girl, Spiderman's girlfriend and general all-round Hollywood beauty Kirsten Dunst is set to become the face of Bulgari's new fragrance, reports Vogue.

According to WWD, Dunst will front the campaign for Bulgari's forthcoming perfume Jasmin Noir, which is due for release in April. The news will be announced at a glitzy party during Milan Fashion Week, where the luxury label will also preview its 2011-2012 accessories.

We're excited to see how Kirsten looks in the campaign. She's can pull off vampire-chic, red carpet glamour and indie-cred with aplomb so pulling a 'luxury scent vibe' (whatever that may be) shouldn't be too hard. And lest we forget, she was the face of Miu Miu for a while, having taken over from Lindsay Lohan, so she's no stranger to the world of fashion.

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