Brits say no to unpaid slog

Every so often someone comes up with a survey in the UK which says we're working too many hours. Everyone applauds it then goes to the tearooom for a Hob Nob and a moan.

Britain's shameful work-life imbalance is once again the subject of much furious tutting, as researchers at the Chartered Management Institute claim managers toil for an extra 1 hour 18 mins unpaid time every day. That amounts to an extra 40 days of unpaid work every year, which, says the TUC, would mean that if everybody in Britain worked their unpaid overtime from the start of the year, the first paycheck of the year wouldn't arrive till Feb 22nd.

According to the TUC Britons should 'take responsiblity for your own working hours', starting from Friday, when we've all been urged to down tools and peg it out of the office as soon as the weekend bell tolls.

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