Britney's burqua wedding and conversion to Islam

News of the World yesterday reported that our favourite to play Mary, Mother of God, Britney Spears, is looking to convert to Islam. The newspaper said that the scandal-besieged Spears is considering the move because of her current squeeze, paparazzi boss Adnan Ghalib.

"She's been discussing all these wacky plans to reinvent her life. She has discussed in depth a fake death, moving abroad and even plastic surgery. It is scary to hear her romanticise about these insane plans." A source told the tabloid.

A quick glance through today's press has also uncovered the story that Ghalib's parents have apparently said they will disown him if he doesn't give Britney up.

This should give Scott Mills and Chappers on Radio One some extra material for their drivetime show. Only last week they were plaguing the Sun's Bizarre desk with spoof phone calls from Ghalib...

We think our very own Jemima Khan could be a useful adviser to Britney at the moment.

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