Britain's worst hotels revealed

Trip Advisor has revealed the worst places to stay in Britain, and perhaps unsurprisingly, four of the ten worst are in London. So without further ado, here's where to avoid when booking yourself or your friends and family a weekend trip in the British Isles:

1) Nanford Guest House, Oxford

2) Manor Court Hotel, Notting Hill, London

3) Britannia Hotel, Stockport

4) Europa Gatwick, Crawley

5) Whiteleaf Hotel, W2

6) Park Hotel, Belgrave Road, London

7) County Hotel, Carlisle

8) Britannia Hotel, Birmingham

9) Eden Plaza Hotel, South Kensington

10) Britannia Country House, Manchester

So now you know. Not a sign of Torquay either...Fawlty Towers has nothing on the establishments above, but here's a reminder of our favourite poorly performing guest house anyway:

(Image: YouTube)

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