Britain's next top model

He may not rival David Gandy for pecs and smouldering sex appeal, but 19 year-old Roland Bunce has stormed to victory in the Next top model competition, winning 60,000 votes. The high-street favourite had launched an online search for Britain's future catwalk star, and thanks to a guerilla style campaign, the unlikely figure of Roland will win a photoshoot, £2,000 and an introduction to a modelling agency.

According to The Daily Mail, Roland was shocked by the level of support he inspired, saying, 'Thanks for all for the support and thanks to the person who started the group, I'm overwhelmed.'

Meanwhile, 'Next' put on a brave face after the defeat, saying, 'We're delighted for absolutely anyone to enter this competition as long as they’re aged 18 or over. The level of interest has been phenomenal and there’s an astonishing amount of comment and coverage on all the social networking sites.'

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