Looking for bridesmaid hair grips?

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It's the wedding season and church bells will be ringing out in celebration for newly weds every weekend throughout the summer. Dresses are in the last stages of alterations, and final details are being firmed up including finding pretty accessories such as bridesmaid hair grips. Accessories can make or break an outfit and given that so much thought goes into colour schemes, flowers, dresses for the bride and her entourage, the tiniest detail is important.

Bridesmaids often have their hair styled especially for the occasion from the smallest flower girl to the matron of honour. Whether it has been blow dried, styled into an up do or just washed and brushed to within an inch of its life, the chances are high that the bridesmaids will need hair grips to hold the chosen style in place.

Bridesmaid hair grips are surprisingly easy to get hold of,with most wedding accessory shops stocking them. They can take the form of small diamante or pearl beads that just show through the hair, or can be more glamorous in the shape of a large hair clip or floral decoration. Retailers such as Yarwood White have a beautiful selection with matching jewellery sets, also for brides. Monsoon Accessorize has a more affordable but equally pretty and stylish range for those on a tighter budget,and many of the department shops such as John Lewis and Debenhams have a wedding section that caters for bridesmaids too. If you are looking for something a bit different however, why not take a look at vintage stockists Flo & Percy who rework original retro pieces including some beautiful and unusual bride and bridesmaid hair grips.

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