Bridal hairstyles for long hair: 2014 trends

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Getting married? While you are still searching for that absolutely perfect wedding dress, you may want to also start considering what type of ‘do you will want to wear on your big day.

There is no shortage of ideas, options and original styles for brides-to- be, especially those that are blessed with long hair.

For a gorgeous updo consider the classic chignon for its ladylike elegance and style, but chignons can also be romantic and become more ethereal if you add a beautiful accent braid or twist, and on the plus side braids are suitable for all ages.

With so many types of braids to choose from like the classic halo also called the milkmaid braid to the French to lace styles, the exquisite detail and texture will give any bridal ‘do that certain je ne sais quoi.

Chignons and even tighter ballerina buns can become more dramatic with statement hair accessories.

Take headbands that can feature either glitter, rhinestones, crystals or even just putting jewellery onto your chignon will make you feel like a princess wearing a crown or a tiara, but if bling isn’t your thing and want to go with a simpler and softer look and still make head turns, just add a flower or two to your updo, maybe matching your beautiful bridal bouquet.

We also love the top-of-the-head bun with a few loose tendrils or even the Gibson tuck can work and gives brides a very dreamy look, and even a low super sleek looking ponytail can be chic and and very elegant.

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Half-up, half-down hairstyles will not only show off the length of your hair, but loose and cascading barrel curls will give you a sexy and more bohemian look.

Even wearing your hair all down is a timeless and natural option ,if you have a blowout that features elegant waves or very loose curls if you want to go vintage style.

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