Breast implants in the UK cost a lot of money

Breast implants are carried out not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to improve self-esteem. In other cases, it is considered part of rehabilitation treatment when a person is suffering from an illness causing them to lose the breast such as in mastectomy. If you are thinking of giving your boobs a lift, we tell you how much breast implants in the UK cost.

Important considerations

Before embarking on breast implants, make sure you know enough about the procedure to make an informed decision. Bear in mind not everyone is a good candidate for a breast implant.

  • - Eligibility criteria

If you are a cancer patient or are pregnant, you will not be eligible for a breast implant. In addition, having infections in the body also disqualifies you from the procedure. Other important requisites are emotional stability and realistic expectations of the procedure. Hence, if you are suffering from depression or other mental disorders, your surgeon is not likely to perform a breast implant.

Breast implants, however, can be carried out on health grounds. For example, if you or your doctor can prove that the size and appearance of breasts cause psychological trauma because the boobs are asymmetrical or breast tissue fails to develop, then you might qualify for assistance.

  • - Does the NHS cover it?

Breast implants in the UK may cost you a lot of money or a good portion of it. There are instances though when the NHS will cover surgery costs. Check out if you qualify for NHS assistance for breast implants or surgery. Talk to your GP or family doctor for guidance.

  • - Cost

Breast implants in the UK cost from £4,000 to £5,000. Other factors such as cost of further surgery, hospitalisation and recovery should be considered which can affect the final price that has to be paid.

Before going under the knife

Breast implants in the UK cost money. For this reason, before deciding to have one, weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully as they might have a significant impact on your physical health and mental disposition. Moreover, check out the reputation of the surgeons, the hospital facilities and talk to people you know who have done this type of surgery.

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