The stylish boys tweed jacket

Tweed jackets used to be known specifically as an item of clothing worn by country folk or old school professors who would wear them with large patches on the elbow. One of the most famous types of tweed that jackets are made from is Harris Tweed.

Originally tweed could only be made using coarse and scratchy local materials. This was woven together by crofters, as the handmade fabric was ideal for protection against the colder climate in the North of Scotland. At the end of the 18th Century this handmade material was exported to the Scottish mainland and traded as ‘tweed’ which eventually made a name for itself and is how we know it today. Over-time tweed has become much more advanced and you can now find more modern windproof gilets and waterproof tweed jackets to accommodate every eventuality.

Nowadays, tweed makes a real fashion statement and is still going strong after half-a-century. The boys tweed jacket comes in a range of styles to give you an edgy fashion forward look, or you can opt for a more classic country boy look. Catwalks and fashion houses across the world have started pushing tweed as a trend this year. With a large selection of tweed available both on the high street, or in designer boutiques there is a style and colour to suit everyone. If you want to do tweed then try a fashionable look with the tweed jacket and a pair of dark jeans, or you could opt for a more tailored, classic look with a solid coloured suit trouser and a tweed jacket. Whatever you do, keep your outfit simple as tweed jackets were made to be admired.

Modern day tweed is made using a much softer material, and with such a varied range of designs there is no excuse not to have at least one tweed jacket in your wardrobe. The tweed can be used as a wardrobe basic to dress an outfit up and give it a fashion twist or provide the comfort of a warm, durable coat that looks good at all times. The tweed material has proven itself in the world of style and fashion by making a world class comeback and with its popularity increasing the tweed jacket is defiantly a ‘must have’ item of clothing!

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