Bottoms up!

Call us timid, but the furthest we usually go in the pursuit of beauty is slapping on various ungents, and feeling smug if we manage to down a pint of water before passing out every night. But the latest news hot off the surgery table has given us pause for thought.

Dermatologists have apparently discovered a fail safe way of preserving a youthful face, which involves harvesting fat, then extracting stem cells to inject into the face.

According to the Daily Mail guinea pig, the results are wondrous: 'Within a month I looked peachier, my pores were smaller and I was less hollow-eyed. I woke in the morning and thought for a moment that I'd forgotten to take off my make-up, as my skin looked so even-toned. After six weeks, strangers started complimenting me on my skin.'

But before you start flogging your worldly possessions oneBay and frantically ringing every doctor in the yellow pages - hold on a mo. First, the treatment costs a cool seven grand, and second, the excitable journo was the first to have the treatment. So let's just hold tight and wait until it's available in Boots - our logic is: if you can't buy it with loyalty points, then it's not going on our face.

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