Botox boobs?

Do you yearn for a perky decolletage, yet draw the line at having gloopy bags of collagen inserted into your chest? Yep, us too... Well, according to one doctor, botox might be the answer to your beauty woes. We're not entirely convinced, but on ladies 'd'un certain age', the injections could work magic on crepy skin.

Plastic surgeon Dr Tregear told The Daily Mail, ‘Injecting Botox in specific areas around the breasts tones and lifts the skin. It shapes the breasts, giving them volume and ironing out wrinkles caused by sun damage on the decolletage.’

The Doc continued, 'There’s no pain, no bruising and no downtime. You can put on your clothes and go straight back to work afterwards. Due to the fact that the injections are intradermal (into the skin) and the doses used are a lot less than the ones used for armpit hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), I haven’t seen any side-effects, apart from the obvious ones that occur as a result of giving an injection, such as redness and potential risk of infections. But this applies to any treatment involving needles.’

What do you think; will you be rushing out to get your boobs injected with botulism?

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