How to boost the volume of your hair

Tired of lifeless flat hair? Want big, bouncy locks? Good volume is notoriously difficult to create if you have naturally fine hair. However there are lots of ways to boost the volume of your hair. Here we offer some quick tricks to help you create salon beautiful, voluminous hair at home.

How to boost the volume of your hair

Tip one: Use the right shampoo. Lots of good hair-care brands produce shampoos specifically for producing volume in hair. These are designed to give you an extra boost at the roots.

Tip two: Choose your conditioner wisely. We all know that conditioner is essential for healthy, moisturised hair. However, conditioners can also smooth the hair follicles to flatten the hair. Look for a lightweight conditioner that's specifically designed to condition while maintaining volume. If you don't have dry roots, try applying conditioner from the mid lengths to the tips rather than all over your hair.

Tip three: Rinse thoroughly. One of the major causes of flat, dull hair is hair care product build up. A good shampoo will remove residue, but you also need to ensure that the shampoo and conditioner are thoroughly rinsed out. It takes around five minutes for a golf ball sized application of product to get rinsed out thoroughly.

Tip four: When it comes to creating volume, mousse can be a girl's best friend. Mousse is generally applied to towel tried hair. It can coat each strand of hair in a light layer of product to really add volume.

Tip five: A good blowdry will boost the volume of even the flattest of hairs. Rough dry upside down to create lift at the roots. Then flip your head the right way and finish by blowdrying in one direction.

Tip six: Backcombing the roots is a great way to achieve an extra injection of volume. A spritz of hairspray should hold the style in place.

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