Boost hair growth quick and easy

Women of all ages have always desired long, beautiful hair. Long before there were hair care products, women had to rely on natural hair remedies to get strong healthy hair. You do not have to spend a fortune on hair care products to get the look you want. Check out these simple but effective natural remedies to boost hair growth and get the shine you desire.

Methods to boost hair growth

One of the key methods to boost hair growth is through better health. Staying in shape and eating a healthy diet with many fruits, vegetables and proteins gives your body what it needs to produce a healthy head of hair.

Making sure your scalp and hair follicles are clean and healthy helps to ensure hair growth. Using natural treatments such as apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil can produce excellent results for strong healthy growth.

Apple cider vinegar hair treatment

Apple cider vinegar contains important enzymes and minerals, which help to balance natural acids in the scalp while fighting toxins and bacteria.

Used as a rinse before shampooing hair, apple cider vinegar works to clean away bacteria and dead skin cells so hair follicles can grow healthy hair.

You mix together 1 1/2c. of water with 1c. apple cider vinegar and massage into your scalp for two minutes. Follow the treatment with regular shampooing.

Extra virgin olive oil

Using olive oil as a hair treatment is a bit messy, but the results may be worth it. Olive oil works to moisturise and clarify hair with antioxidants. Gently massage your scalp using extra virgin olive oil before bedtime. Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and shampoo the following morning.

Factors influencing hair growth

Some types of medical conditions may influence hair growth. In addition, taking some varieties of prescriptions may slow or prevent hair growth for some people.

Staying healthy, eating a good diet and getting plenty of exercise and vitamins in addition to regular sleep are all important for hair growth.

Carrying extra fat and consuming too much sugar and caffeine are additional factors, which negatively affect your body’s ability to boost hair growth.

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