We take a look at Bolla Handbags

It's a name you probably won't be familiar with yet, but Bolla Handbags have been making quite a reputation for themselves on the trade side of things lately. Since their formation, their aim has been to provide the highest quality products possible at the most affordable prices to retailers and resellers across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

They offer a wide range of handbags and travel bags across a number of lines, including the Commando Collection, the West End Collection, Napoli, Verona, Phuket, Designer Stripe, Mipel, Metallic Clutch, Cambridge, Dhurrie, Mixed Peach Bags, Banja, English Rose, Ella, Two Tone Collection, Wessex Two Tone, Crystabelle Soft Patch, Royal Buttersoft Coll and many, many more.

To give you an idea of what's available from Bolla, we have taken a look at two of our favourites from their collections. The first is product code ELL20018 from the Ella Collection, and is a gorgeous classic frame bag available in both purple and grey which is perfectly suited for the Autumn season. It measures in at 9 1/2 x 13 1/2 x 6 inches, features twin handles, has a clasp based opening and closing mechanism and features an internal zip pocket as well as two open pockets.

From the Cambridge Collection, we quite like the item product code CAM 480, a practical every day handbag which is available in both white and black, giving it a universal appeal and making it quite a versatile accessory. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, full width pocket featuring a mag dot fastening device, a zip pocket at the back and a zip based top with the main compartment divided into two sections, complete with an internal pocket for your mobile phone and pens.

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