Hot bob hairstyles in 2014 for fine hair

Fine hair might not be the easiest to manage especially if you want to style it differently or follow the latest craze. However, there are amazing bob hairstyles in 2014 for fine hair that are attractive. Have a look at these styles and see if they will suit your taste and mood or the look you want to create.

The look

Bob hairstyles apparently began during World War I. At that time, women started working, but had no time for their elaborate pin curls and long hair. As a result, short hair was born which was easy to maintain and manage. Moreover, bob hairstyles stood as symbols for women empowerment and independence.

  • The graduated bob

The ‘graduated bob’ is one of the nicest bob hairstyles in 2014 for fine hair. It is essentially a layered style where hair is cut shorter at the bottom and longer in front. Because fine hair gives the impression of flat hair lacking in body and volume, a graduated bob will make your mane appear thicker. As such, bob hairstyles work best with fine hair. Hence, you might also need a curling iron to retain the shape of your bob.

  • How to choose the right bob

A major factor to consider when looking for hot bob hairstyles in 2014 for fine hair is the shape of your face. A round or full face will look good with a long bob. Heart-shaped faces will also work well with a long bob hairstyle. For a square face, the graduated bob looks best while those with long thin faces should go for the A-line long bob. Oval faces are ideal when you get a bob featuring a blunt fringe or bangs.

Proper hair care

Delicate hair is not easy to style because this type of mane is too silky or soft. Try amazing bob hairstyles in 2014 for fine hair which can make you look stunning. Remember to take care of your hair properly including getting the right haircut so you can have gorgeous hair.

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