Blissful pampering treatments during pregnancy

Kate Middleton has announced her pregnancy, after being admitted to hospital due to an acute morning sickness. As her condition improved, she was discharged from the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, London to return home for a period of rest. She even managed to smile for the cameras before heading back to St. James' Palace.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked radiant, despite her recent health problems. Pregnancy can really take the toll on the body, because of hormonal changes that affect metabolism as well as the mood. Indulging in few beauty therapies and treatments could help any mum to be to feel as gorgeous as Kate. Take inspiration from our favourite pampering experiences.

Elemis, Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-Be, £60.00 per 75 minutes: it's a unique therapy that claims to connect mother and baby through the power of touch. The massage take place on a specific beanbag, scattered with cushions for extra comfort and safety, and helps to relieve tension in the back, alleviate swelling at hands and feet, while relaxing and nurturing mind and body.

PRO Physiotherapy Massage Reflexology, £50.00 per 60 minutes: pressure is applied to different areas of the foot to improve specific parts of the body and to provide a relaxing and uplifting treatment. When used throughout the pregnancy reflexology can reduce the length and the intensity of labour.

Mobile Beauty Treatments, available all over the Country: in the third trimester of pregnancy things can become a bit tricky, many women feel less comfortable with themselves and often exhausted. Still there are ways to look stunning and mobile beauticians are there to help: they offer the same beauty treatments of a salon, like manicure, pedicure and facials, in the comfort of your own house. All therapists are fully qualified and use only pregnancy friendly products.

Yummy Mummy, The Sanctuary SPA, £75.00 per 55minutes: the perfect Christmas gift, a blissful massage with oils and creams to the bump and bust, to help firming and nourishing the skin and also relieves back, shoulder and neck pain. It is included a fabulous facial and scalp massage to look radiant and a reviving cold stone massage on legs and feet to reduce swelling.

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