Blake Fielder Civil overdoses

Mmmm. Might have spoken a touch too soon when we reported Blake Fielder Civil being reborn as a responsible citizen in the clink. Looks like the wayward 35 year old's been back up to his old tricks. Failing three drug tests in a row. Languishing in solitary. Making a nickel selling signed pics of Amy to fellow jailmates to fund his heroin habit. And now overdosing on a rake-load of contaminated heroin which left him sick as a dog and puking  his guts up on his cell floor this weekend. Apparently 5 other inmates had a party on the same batch - Pentonville security's obviously very tight!

So straight from solitary to the medical wing. Prison life really is no picnic for the young jailbird at the moment. Behind bars and denied all contact with the world (including wife Amy)....only to find your once druggy spouse has cleaned up her act...and pitched up with a cleaner, better, vegetarian version of you. Who to add insult to injury, goes by the same name!

Still, if reports are to be believed, Amy's still pining for her hubby as much as when he first went down. She's even donated him one of her precious Grammy awards to prove it. That'll brighten up his cell mantelpiece.

Lets just hope none of the other crims try to nick it.

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