Blake Fielder Civil

Blake Fielder Civil must surely be the only con doing bird at his Majesty’s pleasure with a double barrel name. Yet seems like the Prince Of Perversion – (perverting the course of justice that is), has taken to life in the clink like a duck to water. Long lonely days of eating porridge and staring at four walls have seen Blake kick his crack habit and re-emerge from ‘the haze’ as the wise old sage we always knew he was. Speaking to The News Of The World from his cell in Pentonville prison, Blake has begged Winehouse to quit the drugs once and for all amidst fears that she won’t make it through the next 3 months if she doesn’t.

Now if that’s not a wake up call we don’t know what is.

 ‘We were like the Living Dead’ says Blake regarding his and Winehouse’s time on drugs together. Blake also wants Amy to seek treatment fast for her bulimia – in recent months we have to admit she’s been looking gaunter than ever.

While Blake's folks, Georgette and Giles are encouraging nothing but divorce for the pair (what with him in the can and her in rehab they could have a point), Blake’s adamant he’s going to stand by his woman, adding ‘I want us to grow old together’. With the right help for Amy, and with Blake standing by her side (metaphorically that is) these young hedonists could just about  pull through.

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