Black and Gold indulgence to dazzle during the party-season

Opulence and luxury are the words the better describe this festive season. A return to the Baroque period, an era of excess, sumptuousness and decadence, where colours like Black and Gold blend together and contrast each other in a game of light and darkness.

The precious metal and the ebony shade are the main characters of this party season's beauty products, from make-up palettes to hair treatments. What is important is to dazzle, to shine, to give up sobriety and embrace indulgency, to feel and look gorgeous.

We've chosen a list of trendy black and gold products that will make you feel and look beautiful:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo Eyeshadow 1.8g, Gold Leaf, £21.00: a rich and vibrant shade for a silky-soft eyeshadow, easy to mix and blend with your favourite products to achieve professional and durable results. The compact and elegant golden box contains two applicators, a foam tip for blending and a brush to deliver the sparkly effect.

2.Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Daily Youth Restoring Serum Capsules x60 £51.00: a light-weight, silky serum that helps replenish and revitalise your skin, eliminate fine lines and instantly retexturises the surface for a smoother look. An excellent product before a special occasion.

3. this works Gold Shimmer Balm 10g, £10.00: a multi-purpose gold balm with Monoi oil, Cocoa butter and sparkling Mica to add radiance and hydration to any complexion. It can be applied on the cheekbones to add an healthy glow, on the lips to soften and enhance them, on the eyelids to add some sparkle, and even on the cleavage.

4. IdHAIR Hard Gold 100ml, £10.99: a new styling product for short to medium hair, gives a super hold and allows to shape and style your hair-do throughout the day. Essential for the festive-season when going from the office straight to the party.

5. Jessica Hologram Top Coat - Gold 0.5oz, £8.70: a fabulous, high-quality nail varnish, which dries fast and is chip resistant. A gold sparkly top coat that adds a dazzling effect to your nail and also enrich and complete any nail-art creation.

6. Jessica Nail Colour - Baby It's Cold Outside Collection, Black Ice, £8.30: a luxurious, super cool shade that will make your hands looking hot even in the coldest weather. Very elegant on its own or together with a matte-finish colour.

7. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml, £42.50: a sensual, indulgent version of the classic Marc Jacobs Daisy, contained in a gold and black sumptuous and elegant bottle. The fragrance is enriched with Vanilla, Musk, Jasmine and high notes of wild strawberry and ruby grapefruit. A statement of sophistication.

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