Where is the best place to find Birkenstocks in Ireland

As any dedicated follower of fashion will no doubt be aware, Birkenstocks are very much back in vogue these days. After spending a little while out of the spotlight, usually reserved for the domain of the counter culture that includes skaters, punks and, on occasion, emo kids.

The German made sandals and cork soled shoes gained popularity in the mid 1960s after Karl Birkenstock made some subtle changes to the seventy year old design in order to make it more palatable to regular consumers.

Thanks to their innovative sole design, Birkenstocks conform wonderfully to the contours of the wearer's feet, making them among the most comfortable footwear solutions on the market for the last fifty years. Hugely popular with professionals who find themselves on their feet constantly, such as doctors, dentists and many others, their mainstream appeal exploded in recent years thanks in part to supermodel turned TV personality Heidi Klum's involvement with the brand. Klum is not only an avid wearer of the footwear, but she now designs and models her own range of shoes for the company.

However despite this popularity, finding genuine Birkenstocks in Ireland is not an easy task. There are many places that carry cheap knock-off versions of the shoe, but the quality is in no way comparable to that which you'll find with the genuine product.

Fortunately, a company called Little Tree, who formerly traded as Birkenstock Ireland, carry a huge range of Birkenstock footwear for the Irish market. Located at 36 Wicklow Street in Dublin's bustling city centre area, they boast an extensive selection of Birkenstock shoes for sale in store or via their website at www.littletreefootwear.com.

If you buy now you'll be able to take advantage of their great free postage offer for all orders costing €39.99 or more, so don't delay and act soon!

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