Save on Birkenstock Relax sandals

Thanks to the unique moulded footbed present in all Birkenstock footwear, their shoes have become the first port of call for anyone who works on their feet all day as well as anyone seeking relief from back or joint pains.

Thanks to a recent increase in the public visibility of the brand, due in part to huge celebrity support for their footwear including designs and publicity from supermodel turned TV star Heidi Klum, Birkenstocks have seen a huge increase in mainstream popularity in the past few years.

Another area that sets Birkenstocks aside from their major competitors is the fact that the majority of their range remains affordable, with the company having so far resisted temptations to ramp up the price in a bid to take advantage of the increased brand awareness and popularity.

This means that popular lines such as the Birkenstock Relax sandals have not seen the price increases that you would perhaps expect from other companies in lieu of such increased public awareness and demand.

By shopping around online, you can save yourself as much as thirty per cent on these lines of Birkenstocks, with a prime example being the website www.soletraderoutlet.com, who currently carry the shoe in women's sizes three to seven at a reduced cost of just £24.49, down from the RRP of £24.99.

Offering wearers the classic Birkenstock look with a modern flourish of rose red colour, the Relax sandals have been the staple of holiday makers for years, and at these prices will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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