We look for the best prices for Birkenstock Mayari Gold Brown shoes in the UK

If you spend a lot of time every day on your feet, whether that's in work, at play, or while running around after the kids at home, you'll no doubt be familiar with the comforting and therapeutic benefits that can be offered by Birkenstock shoes. Perhaps you suffer with back, hip, knee or joint troubles, and find that traditional footwear only makes things worse if you spend any amount of time standing or walking around throughout the day, in which case Birkenstocks again provide the answer.

Since the company's formation more than a hundred years ago the Birkenstock brand has been associated with the most comfortable footwear available anywhere in the world. Thanks to their unique footbeds which mould themselves to the contours of your feet, they can offer you optimal support and weight distribution, enabling you to take the strain off your joints while going about your day to day business.

Even if you don't have any pre-existing problems, Birkenstocks demand your consideration purely for offering a level of comfort as yet unrivalled by any other shoe manufacturer, and with the likes of Heidi Klum now designing for the brand, any concerns you may have had with style have been blown right out of the water in the past few years.

Of the classic sandals from the brand, today we're going to take a look at finding the best prices for the Birkenstock Mayari Gold Brown shoes in the UK. These are among the most stereotypical Birkenstocks aesthetically, thanks to their more traditional sandal style appearance with two straps and plain unembellished buckles.

The best price we've managed to find for this particular style of Birkenstocks is just £48.99 with free UK delivery from www.myschu.co.uk, a retailer of top quality footwear for great prices.

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