Bikinis for a small bust - the best things come in small packages!

Bikinis for a small bust means either embracing the shape that you have or trying to create the illusion of more curves.

Many bikinis already feature discreet padding that lifts the cleavage and draws attention to the bust. If you visit your local Primark you can expect to pick up a padded bikini for only 7 pounds. Another way of changing the look of your shape is to wear a halterneck bikini top which balances out broad shoulders and  can give more definition to the waist area.

If you're looking online for tips and tricks to make you look more enhanced than the site livingwithsmallacupbreasts.com is full of practical advice and even features photographs of small breasted women in various styles of bikini top.

Another option is deciding to spend between 70 and 80 pounds on a bikini from maxcleavage.com. These bras feature triple gel inserts in their bikini tops which will guarantee a noticeable difference.  When you log onto this site there's an introductory video from the founder that explains how the gel inserts work and the kind of results you can expect. The bikinis themselves range from a basic black model to very pretty and feminine polka dot and ruffled versions. If you're unsure of which one might be the best for you then read the reviews written by previous customers.

eBay is a good place to shop when you're on a budget and gel filled bikinis are currently for sale from 9.99 upwards but just be careful that you're aware of the postage charges before you commit to buy!

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