Beyonce haircut game: a step ahead and two backwards

Early August 2013: Beyonce posts instgrams of herself sporting a freshly cropped, ultra short pixies haircut shocking fans worldwide! Big change, massive news, the world turns around to check her out. How does she look? Is it for better or worse? Why did she do it? Does Beyonce new haircut symbolize a new start and a cut with her old self? Is this the end of a Beyonce era and the beginning of a new one?

Beyonce's hair games

While the world was busy pondering these and other similar pressing questions, the Queen Bey clearly had all the answers and just did it again. And again. And yet again. Did you lose count? How come we're not surprised!

Let's set the records straight: the pop diva surprised the world with yet another radical change in hairstyle, just a week later the famous radical crop.No time was wasted to make sure Beyonce sported a brand new haircut, thanks to majestically done extensions.

First, it was a choppy, asymmetrical bob, matched with a rather hippy look, then a flawless, sleek bob, perfect for a sophisticated outfit on stage. Then, with yet another swift move, the pop star somehow reverted into her old self, just a little 'shorter'. So there she is, beautifully sweet and feminine usual, rocking a purrrfect, blond, tousled wavy bob.

We just love the look of it, and how it suits her features. Don't you think? We know you love it too, don't worry, we're not the only once. Because in the midst of all these haircut games, Beyonce was nevertheless able to set new trends as she, so to say, played along.

One example for all: Rita Ora showing off a sleek blond bob at the MTV music video awards, a hairdo quickly renamed 'Beyonce style bob'. Too late, Rita, Beyonce's yet new haircut is, once again, already ahead of herself.

Don't try this at home!

When you are one of the most venerated Divas on the planet, you can afford much more then twisted haircut games: not only you have an army of top hairstylists at your service, you also have a responsability to always look at the best of yourself, especially when rocking stages and redcarpets.

However, for the rest of us, better not try and go for the latest Beyonce haircut unless we are really sure it will suit us - if it doesn't, we wouldn't that easily switch back to our old selves! Plus, we can't help thinking that, for everybody, peace on the inside will reflect on the outside.

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