Best sun cream for children and toddlers

There are so many sun care products out there it can get confusing. And for our children, of course, we only want the best. So we've taken a look at some of the best seller sunscreens for children in the UK, and one name has come up as the best loved and most trusted by parents. Read on and find out about the best sun cream for kids available in the UK.

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SunSense is Australia’s No.1 sunscreen, its products all have very high protection from hidden UV damage, and are formulated for people with allergies and photosensitivity, thus making them ideal care for the delicate skin of children. Its products are all free from PABA, PABA derivatives and Lanolin, dermatologically tested, formulated using high-quality ingredients that most efficiently, quickly bond to the skin, including a variety of organic and chemical UV absorbers.

Sunsense Toddler Milk Sunscreen SPF50

Available in 125ml or 50 ml version with roll on facility

SunSense Toddler Milk is the sunscreen for kids that will make everybody happy: forget itchy rushes, allergies and eczema on the beach, red watery eyes, and other nuisances brought on by ordinary sun cream and lotion. This effective sunblock was carefully formulated for the delicate skin of toddlers and children, and indeed it works great with particularly sensitive ones. This is because it gives high protection yet contains lower levels of substances which may irritate your child's skin. Its very light texture makes it extremely easily to apply and it has a nice, light scent. Water resistant for 40 minutes. Proved by thousands to cause no allergic reactions.

Another product to consider is Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion, the best natural, organic sun cream for the sensitive skin of your kids: find out more in our post Best sun cream for sensitive skin.

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