Best shampoo for beard and moustache

Facial hair need to be cared for and tended, and regular washing is part of the routine. In this post we will look at two of the best beard shampoo available in the UK.


Your beard demands care, attention and regular cleaning. The easiest and most popular option is to simply wash your beard when washing your face, most people choosing a gentle face wash to do so. Other guys prefer to use a gentle hair shampoo, but in both cases, it is critical to rinse off carefully any product left overs, to avoid the skin to dry out or even flake.

If you want to go for a full on beard shampoo, one of the best known and trustworthy brands of beard care products is Beardsley. Amongst their choice of beard shampoo, here's their most popular product:

Beardsley Ultra Shampoo for Beards - Wild Berry

This specially formulated facial hair shampoo has a mild and very pleasant wild berry scent, and doesn't leave any bitter aftertaste like regular shampoos do. Its mild formula is based on natural Coconut oil, renown for its cleansing and foaming action, and bark extracts to help reduce excessive oil production. Perfect to use regularly for a fresh, clean feeling, vaguely fruit scented.

Of course this is only one of the many shampoos offered by Beardsley, but if you want to try an alternative, here's a very valid one:

Dr. Dittmar Gentle Beard Wash

Dr. Dittmar also is a trustworthy manufacturers of high quality products for beard and moustache. Its Gentle Beard Wash is the perfect, delicate shampoo for those occasionally suffering of little skin irritation from the bristles. Rich in nourishing milk and soothing aloe vera, this gentle wash will also clean away any residue of styling waxes and similar products, taking care of the health of beard and moustache while leaving you with a clean, refreshing feeling.

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