Best-selling perfumes in the UK in 2014

This year amongst Britain best loved fragrances a new entry stands out, ahead of some of the world's best sellers and other celebrity perfumes: it's Lovely, the new fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker. But let's take a closer look at all of the top 3 best selling perfume in the UK.

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely is the new fragrance by beloved actress Sarah Jessica Parker, Carries in Sex and the City. And this Eau de Parfum is deep in the style of the SATC's protagonist: sexy but, above all, classy and the ultimate sense of style. A soft, powdery fragrance that speaks of intimacy, Lovely is the delicate and discreet fusion of top notes include Bergamot, Lavender and Apple Martini, with middle notes of Patchouli and base notes are like White Amber and Musk. With its characteristic citrusy, woody aromas, this is a perfume for everyday casual wear and for ladies of all ages.

2. Instinct by David and Victoria Beckham

Instinct is a masculine, sexy cologne with a textured aroma, opening with fresh, clean notes of Mandarin Orange and Star Anise followed by spicy heart notes of Pimento and a warm base of Patchouli and White Amber. Cool and aromatic with characteristic strong tones, Beckham's first fragrance is a great casual scent for men, a spicy and intense fragrance which also works wonder as an evening cologne. A must have for his perfume collection.

3. CK One by Calvin Klein

The original fragrance launched by Calvin Klein in the 90s is a fresh, clean and pure perfume with a subtle, relaxed scent. Featuring a combination of fruity top notes like Lemon and Papaya, floral middle one including Lily of the Valley and Jasmine, and earthy Cedar and Amber amongst the base notes, CK One is the ultimate unisex fragrance, perfect to wear everyday. This classic in the world of perfume is also contemporary fragrance par excellence.


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