Best selling perfume for men in the UK: Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Davidoff Joop!

Over the past 20 years aftershaves have slid out of fashion, while sales of more soothing balms and moisturisers have increased. At the same time, men started using more concentrated versions of their favourite fragrances, or simply discovered new exciting eau de parfum or eau de toilette to suit their taste. On the other hand, eau de cologne remains stable as a light and refreshing alternative: in this case, the fragrance is not so concentrated but, unlike the aftershave, it is not a highly alcoholic product that goes into direct contact with freshly shaved skin, hence its uninterrupted popularity.

For the most recent trends in fragrances for him, we browsed the website of some of the main UK sellers, in search of their best selling perfume for men. The following are what we discovered to be two of the best loved men's fragrances in the UK:

Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

Launched in 2008, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is fantastically popular and currently tops the Perfume Shop’s best-selling men’s fragrance list. Rabanne defines 1 Million as 'the expression of every man's fantasies' and 'an object of desire as a gold ingot shape'. Indeed, both the eau de toilette and pure perfume spray come in a lush golden ingot-like dispenser bottle. With top notes of Grapefruit, Mint and Blood Orange, this sensual fragrance is fresh at first, then warms up thanks to its spice middle notes like cinnamon and blond leather, drying down in masculine white woods base notes.

Davidoff - Joop!

Joop! By Zino Davidoff has often been defined as a timeless fragrance. It is an exotic blend of Jasmine, Honey, Vetiver, Tobacco and Cinnamon, a spicy and oriental statement of masculine sensuality. Luxury and sensuality are the first things that come to mind when our senses encounter this ultimately daring fragrance.


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