Best selling perfume for ladies in the UK

We all have our favourite fragrances, sometimes more than one, perhaps according to our mood, or the season, and so on. A perfume says a lot about the person that wears it, that is why it is such a private choice, and only people intimately connected to us can dare to get us a fragrance as a gift. Take a look with us at three of the best selling perfume for ladies in the UK in 2014, and tell us what you think.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Launched by fashion designer Marc Jacobs, Daisy is a pure and free-spirited fragrance, sunny and, of course, sparkling floral. Perfect for a feminine women who wants to surround herself with a radiant and enchanting scent. Top notes of strawberry and ruby red grapefruit give this fragrance its freshness, while the base notes of musk and vanilla add warm sensuality.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Quintessentially feminine, Lovely is the first signature fragrance by beloved actress and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. This perfumed is inspired by SJP's own love for style and fashion, and is, just like her and Carrie in Sex and the City, undeniably sexy and classy at the same time. Top notes of nectarine, rosewood, lavender and white orchid, fuse together in a delicate, soft and powdery fragrance, intimate and perfect for all ages.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Wealth and power are the main inspiration of the Million range of perfume from Paco Rabanne, and Lady Million is the feminine version of this fragrance. Hugely popular, Lady Million is one of the best selling perfume for women in the UK, perhaps due to its luxurious, sexy scent designed to impress and make every woman feel like a millionaire. This thrilling fragrance features top notes of raspberry, Neroli and Amalfi lemon, heart notes of gardenia and jasmine and base notes of amber and patchouli.

    Marc Jacobs

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