Best perfumes for a gift to her

A perfume is always a great gift for a dear one: your mother, best friend or fiance', when you know someone so well to be perfectly acquainted with their favourite fragrances, then you have the power to give them one of the most appreciated presents. Take a look at our short guide on how to chose the best perfume for a gift to her.

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If the person you want to get the gift for already has a favourite fragrance, you may be tempted to simply present them with a bottle of their usual choice, and sometime this may indeed be the best choice. On the other hand, a good present should also be a little of a surprise, and if you think about it, you probably know this person so well to be able to guess what kind of fragrances they love the best, and best suits them.

For instance, for the woman who loves fresh, flowery fragrances, try a classic perfume such as Cerruti 1881 by Cerruti. This is a an easy to wear fragrance, based on the crisp freshness of sumptuous fresia and sensual jasmine lightly warmed by a subtle not of sandalwood. A best selling fragrance for her in the UK, in a stylish 100 ml spheric bottle.

On the other hand, is she is most comfortable with warmer, sweeter scents, than a good choice would be Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette by Vera Wang. This is a captivating fragrance with a pronounced vanilla and amber based, highlited by the fruity notes of mandarin orange, apple and apricot amongst others. Even the bottle of this perfume is truly romantic: a 100ml crystal purple heart, with a crown as stopper.

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