Best make up ideas for Halloween

Let's take a peek at some of the coolest, easy to create makeup idea for Halloween: find inspiration for your Halloween. Sometimes makeup is a good place to start, especially when Halloween is getting closer and you haven't quite decide yet what scary character you are going to be, or simply need some fresh inspiration. So let's take a look around for some creative and relativelyeasy makeup ideas, for both men and women, that can quickly pull you out of the Halloween impeachment.

    David Sorich @Flickr

Grey scale

This Halloween makeup idea consists simply in dressing in vintage or retro' looking clothes, carefully picking every single item you are wearing, from jacket to hair pins to shoes, in black and white, while covering all the visible skin on face and body with grey water based face and body paint For the hair, unless you are a natural raven black, wear a wig or use a temporary die- white and grey are also good but black is definitely more stunning. We found this idea simple and amazing, anyone can do it and the result is absolutely impressive – this simple trick won't let you go unnoticed!

Pretty Skeleton

Alternatively, the Skeleton effect is also easy to achieve and perfectly fitting to any gender, size and style of wear. In fact, you can throw on any old dress or suite, and simply paint all exposed skin in black as background and white for the bones. The face will be mostly white, you are trying to recreate the look of a skull so opt for leaving the eye sockets black - and don't forget the grim lipless smile! If you are a bit more practical than the average Halloween party goer you may wish to enhance the effect of this easy makeup by recreating the typical Mexican Day of the Dead mask

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