Best lipstick colour for brunette women

There are many good things about being a brunette, not least the fact that you can really enjoy a wide range of colours for your make up. However, most of us know that there is that one lipstick nuance that is the most flattering and absolutely matches your skin tone, hair and eye colour like nothing else. If you are a brunette, and haven't quite found that perfect hue yet, or would like to widen your options, our short guide on the best lipstick colour for brunette is here for you.

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Hair colour is not the only one we need to consider when choosing a lipstick: is your skin fair or olive? Do you have freckles or tan easily? And what about the colour of your eyes? First of all, we aim at flattering the skin tone and complement your eye colour. So, let's start with brunettes with olive skin: you have a gorgeous range or dark lipstick nuances that will flatter your look, from plum to mauve and deep dusky rose. Just make sure they are always darker than your skin, never lighter.

For the brunettes whose hair is darker, almost black, skin tone is fair and eyes are blue, we suggest: go for the boldest lipstick colours, the deep pink, red or even coral, which will look absolutely stunning on you. Especially if your lips are plump, don't be afraid to dare, because the results will be ideal. If you feel your lips may be a little too thin, simply choose a lighter nuance of these same colours


If have brown hair, fair skin tone and freckles, you will find that those lovely cinnamon and rust lipstick nuances look amazing on you, flattering your complexion and indeed blending in wonderfully with the other colour on and around your face.

If you have lighter brown hair, and your skin tans easily, then go for the lighter versions of the nuances above: intense apricot or peach lipstick, in fact, are the perfect complement to your natural beauty.

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